Your small change
can make a big change

This year we’ll do it again, Because We Care!
Your donation will help keep an underprivileged child in school and increase their chance of changing their future narrative.

Teachers play one of the biggest roles in ensuring a healthy and happy learning experience for students. That’s why this year as part of our campaign mission we aim to, not only assist students, but we also need your help to empower teachers in our public schools, by equipping them with as many school resources as they might need.

On the day of the event the community will be involved in helping children as they go back to school, with onsite medical facilities, hairdressers and haircuts for the students.


School supplies
School uniform
Sanitary products
k-12 child backpack

College Students

Text books
Study materials


Classroom material
Emergency sanitary supplies
Extra school supplies


If you would like to register to participate as a recipient, please click on the button below.

for being the hands and feet of Christ in our communities.