Polokego Women Shelter

Help us empower women and children who are victims of domestic violence and Gender-Based Violence by supplying basic food necessities and hygiene kits.

What was done and

how it was accomplished

The purpose of the outreach is to empower change in the lives of abused women and children who are victims of domestic violence and Gender-Based Violence by supplying basic food necessities and hygiene kits, Pastor Taffi’s study notes entitled; What’s Going On In Your Inside World” and “The Victory Is Mine”. The CDM team shared a word of encouragement and prayer, and 3 ladies gave their lives to the Lord.

Ms. Daisy, the founder of Polokego Women Shelter, was thankful to Creflo Dollar Global Missions for the continual support and thanks Pastor Taffi for her love and her commitment towards Polokego Women Shelter. Ms. Ruth was grateful for outreaches that Polokego Women Shelter is currently involved in. Ms. Anna, one of the ladies, whose life was changed by being at the shelter, is grateful for the programs that she completed at the shelter.

Our Impact

On August 10, 2022 at Polokego Women Shelter, in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, two of our CDM staff came and purchased basic food necessities and hygiene products. The process included packaging hygiene kits and printing Pastor Taffi’s study notes. 25 ladies, 18 children and 4 Polokego Women Shelter Staff were impacted by our statistical break-out of activities.

Creflo Dollar Global Missions has been in partnership with Polokego Women Shelter for 7 years. We concluded the following at the shelter; prayer meetings, purchased a television set and DVD player, Dr Dollar and Pastor Taffi’s teaching sermons, bedding, fabric for sowing for the skills center, basic food necessities, hygiene kits and Christmas luncheon for women and children. It is a blessing to see the growth and development that is taking place in the lives of all these ladies. The basic food necessities will provide ladies and children with nourishment. The hygiene kits will assist ladies in sanitary and self-care and the spiritual materials will give them the opportunity to grow spiritually.

What was Supplied?



Spiritual Materials


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